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The Sports Academy at Brookwood Camps combines the best of sports camps with the best of a traditional camp into one comprehensive experience. Utilizing their more than 75 years of combined experience as owners and operators of both traditional summer camps and sports camps, the Fiedler Family has created a summer program which gives children of varying interests and abilities a chance to thrive at their own pace within a secure, fun-filled, family atmosphere.

Campers will have the choice of participating in fully immersed weekly programs in various sports and activities led by World Class professional instructors who have reached the pinnacle of their field, or they can choose to maintain a broad-based program in all activities while still receiving access to the top level instruction offered by our specialists.

We want all of the campers at our New York summer camps to elevate their athletic skills by learning new techniques and improving upon fundamental basics in their favorite sports and activities. We also want our campers to enjoy and learn from experiences off the fields and courts.

Our goal is for The Sports Academy at Brookwood Camps to provide a healthy balance between skill development and fun that will give our campers the tools and guidance to grow athletically, socially, and emotionally.