Jay Fiedler
Jay FiedlerDirector
Jay Fiedler arrived as a full-time director in the summer of 2013 but has spent a lifetime around both traditional summer camps and sports camps. Jay has been an integral part of Brookwood Camps since the Fiedler family acquired the property in 1986. Growing up in the camp’s atmosphere helped shape his character and prepare him for success later in life.

Jay had a stellar athletic career at Dartmouth College in football and track and field while earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Engineering Sciences. Jay then went on to play 10 years as an NFL quarterback, including five seasons as a starter with the Miami Dolphins. His professional athletic achievements are a story of determination and perseverance evidenced by his rise from undrafted free agent to starting quarterback and captain of his team. In 2005, Jay was selected to the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

Jay began the Prime Time Football Skills Camp at Brookwood Camps with his brother, Scott; the camp has been run annually since 1999. Over the years, Jay has been able to attract several professional athletes, coaches and teammates as guest coaches and instructors for his Prime Time Football Camps. His relationships with many pro athletes and coaches in a variety of sports allow him to recruit the brightest and most accomplished instructors.

As a co-director he will head Brookwood Camps’ new Sports Academy. “I’ve spent a lot of time as a camper myself, both as a summer camper and a sports camper,” Jay says, “and I believe that experience is invaluable in creating a healthy and productive environment.

“I’m really looking forward to working with our campers, helping them grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.”

Scott Fiedler
Scott FiedlerDirector
Scott Fiedler became a staff member at Brookwood Camps in 1986 after spending most of his life as a camper and an acclaimed basketball player. “Camping and sports are in my blood,” Scott says.
Scott is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and was captain of a top-notch varsity basketball team. His teams won over 80 games, and he was a recipient of the Pierce Memorial Award, an athletic achievement award for supreme effort and commitment to team play.

After his playing career, Scott became one of the youngest head coaches in the country at Suffolk County Community College; he then continued to coach NCAA Division I teams.

Scott’s playing and coaching experience provide Brookwood Camps with another layer of credibility. He brings to campers lessons learned from his own life and the challenges of the sports world. He is a major component of the staff, keeping a watchful eye on campers, while mentoring and coaching them. He also is the founder of the Prime Time Sports Camps, which offers week-long programs that focus on specific sports.

Scott’s wife, Pam, and their two children, Tyler and Morgan, also spend their summers at Brookwood Camps. Pam, a former Division I college lacrosse player who now is a high school coach, teaches the sport to campers.

Ken & Donna Fiedler
Ken & Donna FiedlerDirector Emeritus
Ken and Donna Fiedler purchased Brookwood Camps in 1986 after having served as co-directors at Camp Lenni-Len-a-Pe since 1973. Through Ken’s vision and the experiences of his sons, Scott and Jay, Brookwood Camps has undergone tremendous facility expansion and increased program development.

Ken is mindful of the needs of each individual camper and strives to keep Brookwood Camps among the premier camp facilities in the country.

His true passion for sports led him to a career in physical education. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education from SUNY Cortland and a Master of Science degree in Physical Education and Administration from Ithaca College.

Ken coached basketball for a quarter-century at Springfield Gardens High School in Queens, where his teams won two city championships. He coached former New York Knicks player Anthony Mason and former St. John’s University head coach Norm Roberts. Both credit Ken for helping them reach the pinnacles of their basketball professions.

Ken is a recipient of the National Pro Am Achievement Award and the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame Good Guy Award.

Donna began camping at age 5 and has been passionate about outdoors and camp living ever since. She is Brookwood Camps director and is responsible for the camp’s highly acclaimed arts program. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art from Hofstra and is a retired arts teacher from the New York City public school system.