The Sports Academy at Brookwood Camps makes sure that all of our campers feel safe, secure and comfortable while attending camp. We pride ourselves on making sure the whole campus, especially the living and dining areas, is clean, presentable and sanitary. All areas on campus are equipped with fire extinguishers and smoke detection devices. Our medical staff is available on campus 24/7 to tend to any emergency needs. Your child’s safety and health is our number one priority at our summer camp in New York.

Food & Dining

Our delicious and balanced meal plans give our campers the nutrition needed to get through each day. Our chef of 20 plus years cooks a variety of meals for our buffet-style dining rooms. A variety of cold cereals and fruit are available at each breakfast in addition to the hot meal served. A salad bar is available for each lunch and dinner serving. We can accommodate a variety of dietary needs, including gluten-free, kosher, nut-free, etc.


We have three types of cabins which house our campers and counselors. The majority of campus is housed in cabins for 8-10 campers and 2-3 counselors. These newly renovated cabins each have two porches and in-house bathroom facilities with vanities, private stalls and individual showers. The cabins are appointed with comfortable beds and plenty of cubby space for all of the campers’ belongings. Older campers live in larger barrack style cabins, while the oldest campers live in dormitory style housing with 2-4 campers per room and common living areas.

Health Center

A rotation of fully licensed medical doctors live on campus at our state of the art health center along with our staff of registered nurses to give our campers the utmost care for any medical issues. Our nursing staff secures all necessary medication and distributes to campers as needed. With two exam rooms and multiple sterile overnight rooms, we are fully prepared to handle and contain all of the common and emergency situations which may occur at any camp facility.