The Top Five Benefits of Sports Camps for Your Children

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For the majority of families, when the school vacation begins this is the end of their much-needed weekly structured sporting activities. Taking this fact into account, it is no wonder that many children become sedentary over school vacations and there is an increase in the risk of child weight gain. However, to avoid a risk [...]

Basketball at The Sports Academy at Brookwood Camps is a Slam Dunk for Young Hoopsters

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The basketball camp within The Sports Academy at Brookwood Camps’ offers  focused training in its traditional sleepaway camp setting.  Brookwood Camps gives boys and girls an opportunity to improve their game with multi-level professional instruction to get to the next level on the court.  Brookwood Camps’ air-conditioned basketball facilities are designed to replicate a professional [...]

Newsflash! The Sports Academy at Brookwood Camps will host the Premier Soccer Academy during the summer of 2014

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Based on the training model used by the Manchester United Youth Soccer Academy,  the Brookwood Camps youth soccer program will include all technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects of the game.   Best of all, youth soccer players at this overnight New York sports camp enjoy all the fun of a traditional sleepaway camp including water [...]


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Future television and radio stars are “going…going….gone” to Brookwood Camps for a summer of stardom and fun.  For kids who enjoy getting on the field in front of the camera, The Sports Academy at Brookwood Camps offers a sports broadcasting specialty camp that puts kids in the broadcasting booth with professional sportscasters. Enjoying all the [...]

Pro Baseball Pitching Coach Leo Mazzone Joins Brookwood Camps Line Up for the Week of July 6th

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We’re excited to share the news that Leo Mazzone, pro baseball's premier pitching coach is coming to Brookwood Camps for the summer sleepaway camp 2014 youth baseball, training season for the week of July 6th.  Mazzone, considered one of the best pitching coaches in the modern era.   Mazzone pitched for the world series-winning Atlanta Braves [...]

The Sports Academy At Brookwood Camps To Offer Flexible Two-To-Seven Week Summer Scheduling Option

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Camp in New York’s Sullivan County, Directed By Former NFL Quarterback Jay Fiedler and the Fiedler Family   For the summer of 2014, The Sports Academy at Brookwood Camps will be offering flexible two-to-seven week scheduling options at its world-class New York sports sleepaway camp.  The camp provides committed young athletes, multi-level youth sports camps [...]

Advice For Moms of Athletic Children

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The small things my Mom did added up to big-time support Looking back at our experiences as youth athletes, my brother Scott and I probably have one word to sum things up: Lucky. Seriously, we were lucky to have a mother who supported us in each of our athletic endeavors. Regardless of the time commitment [...]

New For 2014 Brookwood Sports Academy

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Brookwood Camps announces new for 2014 Brookwood Sports Academy. Revolutionizing camping offering specialty camps within the traditional camp setting. In a preview of BSA for next year Brookwood is having football week this week led by our new director former Miami Dolphin Jay Fiedler and former NY Giant Scott Brunner. It has been a great [...]