Based on the training model used by the Manchester United Youth Soccer Academy,  the Brookwood Camps youth soccer program will include all technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects of the game.   Best of all, youth soccer players at this overnight New York sports camp enjoy all the fun of a traditional sleepaway camp including water activities in Brookwood Camps’ pristine lake, fun in the giant swimming pool, camp games and evenings around the campfire.

This program will challenge players, but is achievable and guarantees that each player will gain new skills and confidence.  Teams will be structured in order to participate in a tournament, to be determined based on age groups and level of play.  Premier Soccer Academy’s Summer Development Program at Brookwood Camps will recreate the play environment of an actual 11v11 match in a 4v4 format.  4v4 is not a new concept — The Dutch have been playing it since the mid 1980’s.   Premier Soccer Academy has over 15 years experience training with the 4v4 methodology.   It is known as the most natural and effective way to train and inspire young soccer players in the skills necessary for success.   provides the minimum number of players needed for all aspects of the game.  In 4v4 the players’ responsibilities are clear — all tasks are covered and none are shared.  It has all of the necessary elements of play without any duplication.

Eric Lorandini, Director of Soccer for the Premier Soccer Academy; and Kaz Gungor, Director of Training for The US Academy of Soccer, together bring over 35 years of soccer training, coaching and development expertise to Long Island’s youth soccer players.