Both Scott Fiedler (Camp Director) and Ken Fiedler (Director Emeritus) spent a lifetime playing and coaching basketball. Ken was considered one of the top high school coaches ever in NYC and Scott spent over a decade coaching college basketball including becoming one of the youngest head coaches to ever coach college basketball. They both oversee a basketball program at The Sports Academy at Brookwood Camps which brings in some of the top coaches in the game to teach our campers. Tim Capstraw is a former Division 1 Head Coach and currently works with the Brooklyn Nets as their radio broadcast analyst. Mark Coffman spent 25 years coaching Division 1 basketball in the Southwest and West Coast and is considered to be one of the best fundamental teachers of the game. Both Tim and Mark bring their world-class instruction to The Sports Academy at Brookwood Camps to teach our campers the fundamentals of dribbling, passing, shooting and defensive.