For the majority of families, when the school vacation begins this is the end of their much-needed weekly structured sporting activities. Taking this fact into account, it is no wonder that many children become sedentary over school vacations and there is an increase in the risk of child weight gain. However, to avoid a risk of excessive weight gain among children there has been a growing trend of children attending summer sports camps.

According to Emily Wyman, a psychologist at Notting University, one of the most striking features of these sports camps from a development perspective was the combination of collaborative teamwork, rules, mixed age groups, and spirit of play formulating a camp as a “whole.” This is beneficial in that it has a positive effect on the child at a young age, and by employing the skills available can also provide a positive long-term influence for teenage and adult years. This article will point out the top five benefits of sports camps for children at our New York summer camps.

1. The Health Benefits

Potentially one of the greatest benefits of sports camps is the direct improvement in a child’s health. This positive change in their health can be obtained via exercise; however, camp activities also teach children how to exercise and remain active after completing tasks. The World Health Organization estimates childhood obesity is at an all-time high with approximately 6 billion children being affected on a global basis. To avoid placing your child at risk, it is important for the child to remain active and engage in active tasks daily.

2. The Mental Health Benefits

In addition to offering physical health benefits, sports camps for children can also offer mental health benefits for the users. Research has found that participation in sports can improve a child’s numeracy score by approximately 8% and studies with underachieving students have found a 29% increase in numeracy skills among those who are engaging in summer sports camp activities.

3. Increased Social Skills and Independence

Summer camps have been known to foster independence among the children in their programs. This benefit is due to the child being taught autonomy by completing tasks on their own; thereby, developing more social skills, increasing feelings of independence and self-confidence. Furthermore, the child is also able to learn about equal relations when bargaining overrules games and resolving situations where the rules may be considered ambiguous.

4. Gaining Self-Discipline

As children become adults, they will experience many life problems that can seem overwhelming and difficult to resolve. However, by attending a sports camp, the child can learn different problem-solving skills with perseverance to help them deal with challenges in later life.

5. Having A Good Time

While sports camps do provide several life skills and health benefits, it is also important to remember that these camps are focused on offering children an enjoyable experience. For the child to truly learn any life skills, it is important that they are enjoying their time at the sports camp and leave the camp with a positive feeling.

As can be seen, our New York sports camps for children are far more than merely playing a game at a camp. By opting for these sports programs, you will help your child improve their health, their self-confidence, their life skills, and all while having fun at our New York sleep-away camps. Join Scott and Jay Fiedler and their amazing sports camp team at our top-rated Brookwood Camps today!